Topics and Tracks

Personal Voice Assistants, AI and Cloud

Personal Voice Assistants and Artificial Intelligence

Learn about natural language processing, how to build skills and actions for voice assistants or how to create your own Open Source chatbots in the Artificial Intelligence deep technology track. Join sessions covering Bot Framework, Tensorflow, Dataprep and more.

Cloud, Containers, DevOps

Cloud, Container, DevOps

Get better insights in how to deploy apps on the cloud more efficiently and save your company money. Sessions in the Cloud, Containers, DevOps track cover Kubernetes, Serverless Architecture, Microservices, Docker Kompose, Omnibus, OpenStack, Virtual Kubelet, and Continuous Integration.



Meet developers and startups working on the blockchain to create solutions for distributed computing, cloud services and Fintech in the Blockchain track.



Find out how to keep your services secure in the Cybersecurity track. The track has sessions about Encryption with PGP, SELinux, Secrets Management, Backups, QubesOS, Securing Web and Javascript apps.

Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile

What technologies will we need for the Conversational Web? How will existing technologies change and what else is happening in tech for web and mobile platforms? A wide variety of topics are covered in the Web Technologies and Mobile Technologies track with talks and workshops about JS frameworks, PWA, Android, Web VR and AR.

Hardware, Design and Local Production

Hardware, Design and Production

The FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit covers topics from software to hardware and knowledge. These are the ingredients for production. We have a dedicated track on Hardware & Design. Apart from technical topics speakers will share their experience from making prototype to going to large scale production and working with mass manufacturers.

Open Data, Internet Society, Community

Open Data, Internet Society, Community

More and more governments, companies and citizens share data for the benefit of the society. What are the use cases for Open data? What possibilities do we have for a truly free society in the times of tracking devices and supervision technologies, how to keep communities engaged in Free and Open Source development? These are some of the questions in the Open Data, Internet, and Community track.



Meet developers of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Spark, MariaDB and NoSQL projects and learn how to save your company money with Open Source database solutions in the Database track. Specific topics include Scaling TB of data, Real-time data masking, Replication Features, Performance Schema, BigQuery, and Immutable Key-Value Stores.

Kernel & Platform

Kernel & Platform

The Kernel & Platform track covers topics from the Linux Kernel to BSD and desktop systems such as Meilix or applications like VLC. Learn about BSD network servers, Hacking with x86 Windows Tablets, Asynchronous integration of GPU computing with HPX many task processing, Unikernelized Linux, Open Build Service in Debian, and Learn C from the trenches.

Science Tech and Education

Science Tech and Education

Science needs to be open and verifiable. As more and more tools are available to a larger part of the population the chance to become a scientist or simply to participate in citizen science increases. What tools exist? What hardware is available? How to do science hands-on with Open Source software and hardware? The Science Tech and Education track covers it.


Open Science and Open Data Hackathon with UNESCO

In the FOSSASIA Hackathon developers, designers, tech contributors, bloggers, and journalists join in to develop Open Data apps and games for sustainable development and indigenous languages using FOSSASIA technologies.

Featured Speakers

Bunnie Huang

Chibitronics PTE LTD

Bunnie is best known for his work hacking the Microsoft Xbox, as well as for his efforts in designing and manufacturing open source hardware, including the chumby (app-playing alarm clock), chibitronics (teaching electronics through arts and crafts), and Novena (DIY laptop).

Mitch Altman

Open Hardware Creator

Mitch Altman is a San Francisco-based hacker and inventor, best known for inventing TV-B-Gone, as featured speaker at hacker conferences, as international expert on the hackerspace movement, and for teaching introductory electronics workshops.

Dr Koh tat Suan

Director ofLifelong Learning Institute

He oversees the management of the Lifelong Learning Institute and supports the Lifelong Learning Council to promote lifelong learning mindset among Singaporeans under the SkillsFuture. He has been a public service officer for nearly 38 years.

Shanker V Selvadurai

Vice President of IBM Asia Pacific

He leads the technical organization that helps clients across Asia Pacific to explore and co-create cloud based solutions that leverage data, analytics and AI capabilities. Prior to joining IBM, he held key positions in areas of research, development,sales and marketing.

Duane O'Brien

Head of Open Source at

Duane is passionate about enabling smart and meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem. He navigates the path between engineering and management, drawing on both his experience as a developer.

Lim Tit Meng

CEO Science Centre, Vice Dean NUS

As the CEO of Science Centre and Vice Dean of NUS Mr Lim Tit Meng promotes STEM as an engine for knowledge-based innovation economy; engages stake holders to share the mission and champions creative science communication.

Sindhu Chengad

Head OSS Lead at Microsoft

Sindhu Chengad heads the open source business for Microsoft's Asia Pacific region. She is responsible for defining Microsoft’s open source strategy and for growing the cloud business in the APAC region through key partnerships.

Rahul Akolkar

Worldwide Technical Sales Leader, Data Science and AI at IBM

Rahul's work has been featured in a US Super Bowl advertisement and has helped Olympic athletes. Rahul has contributed to numerous open source projects and standards. He is an elected Member of the Apache Software Foundation.

Michael Christen


Michael is the founder of SUSI AI, loklak and, the creator of the P2P Search engine YaCy. He is a Big Data Engineer consulting for some of the largest corporate players in Germany on search engine technology.

Sachin Shridhar

Customer Success Pivotal Software

Sachin is responsible for APAC and Japan in the CSO group, which takes care of all technical services including Solution Architecture, Implementation, Delivery, Consulting and Education.

Jollen Chen

Creator Flowchain

Jollen is the creator and lead of Flowchain, an open source based IoT blockchain solutions. His research interests are the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and IoT data security.

Colin Charles

Managing Consultant at GrokOpen

Colin was on the founding team of MariaDB Server, and has been around the MySQL ecosystem including being an early employee at MySQL, and worked actively on the Fedora and projects.

Davide Storti

FOSS Programme Manager at UNESCO

Davide Storti leads the YouthMobile initiative, which aims at inspiring young girls and boys to drive technological innovation by acquiring the skills and confidence to code and develop mobile apps for sustainable development.

Misako Ito

Advisor at UNESCO

She is responsible for UNESCO’s Communication and Information programme in the Mekong countries and coordinates the UNESCO Memory of the World programme for safeguarding the documentary heritage in Asia and the Pacific.

Hong Phuc

Co-founder FOSSASIA

Hong Phuc Dang co-founded FOSSASIA in 2009 as a community devoted to improving people’s lives through sharing Open Technologies and fostering global connections. She especially wanted to encourage developers from Asia to participate in the FOSS movement.

Mario Behling

CEO of Opntec

He is a technologist with 15 years of experience in leading international development teams in Europe, Asia and India. He helped to get FOSSASIA started and works with the community on SUSI.AI and Open Hardware solutions like Pocket Science Lab.

Michael Cheng


Lawyer. Raspberry Pi/GPIO Fanatic. Currently supporting open source program office at Facebook. Former IT sysadmin, investment banker and high school dropout. Born in Taiwan. Currently based in the US. Spent 10+ years in China, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

Harish Pillay

Red Hat

Harish Pillay serves as Head of Community Architecture and Leadership at Red Hat, Inc. and served as its Chief Technology Architect of South Asia. He co-founded the Linux Users' Group Singapore in 1993.He has been a Trustee of Internet Society since June 18, 2016.

Dr Graham Williams

Data Science Director at Microsoft

Graham is as a practitioner and researcher in areas of health, banking, insurance, finance, taxation, immigration, and many more. He has lead projects in data mining since the 1980’s.

Matthew Treinish

IBM Research

Matthew has been working on and contributing to Open Source software. He currently works for IBM Research developing open source software for quantum computing. He was previously the PTL (project technical lead) of the OpenStack community's QA program.

Jonas von Malottki

Jonas von Malottki


Jonas is shaping the Blockchain and DLT activities from the technology perspective within Daimler. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Japanese Studies from University of Bonn. Main focus topics were Metadata and Data Quality as well as Neural Networks. He is a member of the Governing Board of Hyperledger.

Masafumi Ohta

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Masafumi is leading Raspberry Pi community in Japan and volunteering Raspberry Pi Foundation from farthest east country, Japan. He has helping their business and encourage Raspberry Pi related projects with Raspberry Pi Foundation. Masafumi has elected ARM INNOVATOR by in Japan.


Michael Downey

United Nations Foundation

He is the Director of Community for the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) Open Source Center, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation. The Center is a collaborative community promoting knowledge sharing, collaboration, and co-investment in technology around the world.

Sanjeev K Biswas

Singapore Press Holdings

Sanjeev has over 19 years of experience in the software industry. He did his BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He has been at Adobe Systems for 13 years and has worked as a Lead Architect for many initiatives. He has 23 issued USA Patents.

Carsten Haitzler


He is also known as Raster or Rasterman to the open source community, best known for initiating and leading the development of the Enlightenment window manager.

Michael Ducy

Director of Community & Evangelism for Sysdig

He is responsible for growing adoption of Sysdig’s open source solutions. Previously,he worked at Chef where he held a variety of roles helping customers and community members leverage Chef’s open source and paid solutions.

Mete Atamel

Developer Advocate at Google

Mete is a long-time Java and C# developer, he likes to compare the two ecosystems. Prior to Google, he worked at Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, EMC, and Nokia building apps and services on various web, mobile and cloud platforms.

Stephen Frost

Crunchy Data Solutions

As a PostgreSQL major contributor and committer,he implemented roles support in 8.1 to replace the existing user/group system, SQL column-level privileges in 8.4, and Row Level Security scheduled to be released with PostgreSQL 9.5.

Øystein Grøvlen

Alibaba Cloud

Before joining Alibaba, Øystein worked for 10 years in the MySQL optimizer team at Sun/Oracle. At Sun Microsystems, he was also a contributor on the Apache Derby project and Sun's Architectural Lead on Java DB.

Felipe Hoffa

Software Engineer at Google

In 2011, he moved from Chile to San Francisco to join Google as a Software Engineer. Since 2013 he's been a Developer Advocate on big data - to inspire developers around the world to leverage the Google Cloud Platform tools. You can find him in several YouTube videos and blog posts.

Andrea Frittoli

Developer Advocate at IBM

He has contributed to OpenStack for several years, with focus in Quality Engineering and CI/CD, with the role of Project Technical Lead of the QA Program for one year. He's a strong advocate for transparency in open source. He likes working on IaaS projects as well as machine learning.

Masayuki Igawa


Masayuki Igawa is a software engineer for over 20 years on a wide range of software projects, and developing open source software related to Linux kernel and virtualization. He currently works for SUSE.

Ilya Verbitskiy

Founder of WebStoating s.r.o

As a software engineer and software development manager in finance and e-commerce sectors, Ilya gained more than 10 years of experience. He is the founder of WebStoating s.r.o., an agency helping companies to create a successful online business.


Martin Michlmayr

Debian developer

He is currently president of Software in the Public Interest.He completed a doctorate at the University of Cambridge. The focus of this research was on quality improvement in free software and open source projects, and particularly on release management processes.

Norbert Preining


Mathematician and Logician by education, he is now working in the Research and Development lab of Accelia, Inc, Tokyo. His core interests are mathematical logic, computer science, machine learning, AI, security, software verification and specification.

Aurélien Géron

Founder of Kiwisoft

He is the author of the best-selling book "Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow" (O'Reilly, 2017). A former Googler, he led YouTube's video classification team from 2013 to 2016. He also founded Wifirst, a leading Wireless ISP in France. He recently founded, a ML consulting & training firm.

G. Matthew Rice

Linux Professional Institute

Matthew is a technical and management lead in the development of the world class Linux Professional certification program of LPI.

Michael Bright

@mjbright Consulting

Michael is an independent trainer/consultant on Cloud Native (Docker, Kubernetes, Micro-services, Serverless, Unikernels) with more than 30 years of experience in IT and Telecom as Researcher, Developer, pre-sales and Delivery consultant, Developer Advocate.


Andrew Lee

Software Developer at Collabora

Andrew Lee (Hualian, Taiwan) – an active Open Source Liaison focusing on the Debian and LXDE Projects. He created various localization related packages in Red Hat, Mandrake, and Debian distros.He works as a software developer in the Build and Infrastructure team at Collabora.

Ong Khai Wei


Khai Wei focuses on helping start-ups and enterprise in technical solution architect and design of applications towards cloud across multiple technologies - Blockchain, Kubernetes, and DevOps. He supports enterprises in adopting open source technology such as Hyperledger Fabric.

Roland Turner

Roland Turner


He is Chief Privacy Officer for TrustSphere where he is responsible for the company's information policy and practices. He is a HackerspaceSG founding member and FOSSASIA organiser, holds a Computer Science degree from UTS.

Hamish Coleman

Dim Sum Labs

Hamish has always liked to bend hardware to his will, which led to a career as a Sys Admin and means that he is always trying to understand what is inside the black box. His quest has continued to drive his tinkering with software and hardware.

Remi Denis Courmont

Remi DenisCourmont


He is a long-time open-source developer, and largest contributor to the VLC media player project

Jason Zaman

Gentoo Linux

Jason Zaman is a Gentoo Linux developer and maintains the SELinux policies and userspace libraries. He is also an upstream maintainer on the SELinuxProject and Community Lead on TensorFlow's SIG-Build.

François Cartegnie


Joined VideoLAN in 2009 and became one of the main VLC developers.Working on demuxers and codecs (most media formats that goes in or out) side of VLC media player.


Paul Hamilton

South West Makers

He is a co-founder of the South West Makers. Paul has given talks on using Open Source software in Local Government and various Raspberry Pi hardware projects including some that have been presented at the Shenzhen Makers Faire.

Michael Cannon


Adventurous water-rat, Peichi's happy man, Chief Success Officer @Axelerant, Drusus & Jace's baba, whole-self enabler, ex-bomb squad, and million-mile traveler

Mishari Muqbil

Mishari Muqbil is based in Thailand where he runs his company. He is participating in the Open Source community since 1990s. He is also a homeschool dad.

Philip Paeps

Philip Paeps

FreeBSD Foundation

Philip Paeps (“Trouble”) is an independent consultant and contractor based in Belgium. He provides research and development on low-level software and operating systems, particularly in an embedded or real-time context.

Gerry Demaret


Gerry is a system and network administrator by day, and a conference organizer by night. He is one of the main organizers of FOSDEM, the largest free and open source conference in Europe.He currently serves as the director of the not-for-profit behind the conference.

Ayush Arora

Coding Blocks

Aayush is a field Marshal of Frontend Applications,MIT Bootcamper graduate. He has always been a prominent voice for FOSSASIA during GSoC and has been contributing continuously to the growth of the other communities.

Chris Travers

Adjust GmbH

Chris Travers has nearly three decades of IT and programming experience and has been around PostgreSQL for nearly two decades. He heads the database team at Adjust GmbH, has contributed to the PostgreSQL core codebase.

+ 170 More Speakers

Exhibition Program
March 14 - 17 (+13), 2019
Lifelong Learning Institute, Exhibition Halls, Floor 1+2

  • Wednesday, March 13, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM Exhibition Setup

    4:00 PM Exhibition Setup
    7:00 PM Exhibition Area Closes

  • Thursday, March 14, 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Exhibition, Fair, VIP Tour

    8:00 AM Exhibitors Setup
    12:30 PM Exhibition Doors Open
    1:00 PM Welcome Snacks
    2:00 PM VIP Tour at Exhibition
    6:00 PM Exhibition Doors Close

  • Friday, March 15, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Exhibition, Codeheat Ceremony, Hackathon

    9:30 AM Exhibitors Breakfast Snacks
    10:00 AM Exhibition Doors Open
    6:00 Exhibition Doors Close
    12:00 PM Exhibitors on Stage
    2:00 PM CodeHeat Award Ceremony (Floor 2)
    3:00 PM Hackathon Opening (Floor 2)
    4:00 PM Happy Hour Booth-Hop
    6:00 PM Exhibition Doors Close
    10:00 PM Hackathon Day Ends

  • Saturday, March 16, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Exhibition, Exhibitors Stage, Group Photo, Hackathon

    8:00 AM Hackathon Continues
    9:30 AM Exhibitors Breakfast Snacks
    10:00 AM Exhibition Doors Open
    12:00 PM Event Group Photo
    12:30 PM Exhibitors on Stage
    6:00 PM Exhibition Doors Close
    10:00 PM Hackathon Day Ends

  • Sunday, March 17, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Exhibition, Exhibitors Stage, Hackathon End

    8:00 AM Hackathon Continues
    9:30 AM Exhibitors Breakfast Snacks
    10:00 AM Exhibition Doors Open
    12:00 PM Exhibitors on Stage
    4:00 PM Exhibition Ends
    Until 7:00 PM - Teardown

Conference Program
March 14 - 17 (+18), 2019
Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Halls Floor 2+3

  • Thursday, March 14, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Conference Opening with VIP guests

    8:30 AM Registration
    9:30 AM Conference Opening
    10:45 AM Coffee Break
    11:20 AM Keynotes
    12:45 PM Lunch Break
    2:00 PM Conference Program
    5:30 PM Sessions End

  • Friday, March 15, 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM Keynotes, Business and Technology Tracks

    10:00 AM Keynote Sessions and Technology Tracks
    12:00 PM Business Lunch (Invitation)
    6:30 PM Sessions End

  • Saturday, March 16, 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM Keynotes, Technology Tracks, Group Photo and Hackathon with UNESCO

    10:00 AM Keynotes and Technology Tracks
    12:00 PM Event Group Photo
    6:30 PM Sessions End

  • 10:00 AM Technology Tracks
    2:30 PM Hackathon Pitches
    3:30 PM Hackathon Awards
    4:00 PM Closing Session
    5:00 PM Event Ends

  • Monday, March 18, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM FOSSASIA After-Summit Workshops

    9:30 Welcome Breakfast and Intro
    10:00 AM Workshops for SUSI.AI and PSLab start
    12:30 PM Community Lunch
    1:30 PM Workshops Continue
    5:00 PM Workshops End

Social Events Program
March 13 - 18, 2019
Singapore City

Schedule Roster

Thursday, March 14Friday, March 15Saturday, March 16Sunday, March 17
Event hall 1-1 (GF)Exhibition + Lounge + CoffeeExhibition + Lounge + Coffee
Event Hall 1-2 (GF)Community Stage: Exhibitors ShowcasesCommunity Stage: Open Data / Internet / CommunityCommunity Stage: Exhibitors Showcases
Training room 1-1/1-2 (GF)Exhibition / Hands-onExhibition / Hands-onExhibition / Hands-on
Event hall 2-1 (Fl 2)Cloud & AI WorkshopsML & Artificial IntelligencePython ML WorkshopML & Artificial IntelligenceML WorkshopLinux Exam Prep
Event hall 2-2 (Fl 2)Hackathon Stage
Training room 2-1 (Fl 2)Web TechnologiesVueJS WorkshopDatabase / MySQLDatabase / MongoDBDatabase / PostgreSQL + Others
Training room 2-2 (Fl 2)Web and MobileSUSI.AI WorkshopHardware and DesignDatabase / SQLiteCloud, Container, DevOps
Lecture Theatre (Fl 2/3)Opening / Feature TrackCloud, Container, DevOpsCloud, Container, DevOpsOpen Data / Internet / CommunityHackathon Awards / Closing
Theatre Lounge (Fl 3)Kernel and PlatformPython WorkshopPython ML WorkshopCloud, Container, DevOpsPython WorkshopBlockchain
Training room 9-1 (Fl 9)Database / MongoDBScience EducationSocial Event
Training room 9-2/9-3 (Fl 9)Database / SQLiteCybersecurity
Event Entrance Hall12:00 Group Photo

  • Ultimate Cloud Training

    You want to deploy your solutions in the cloud? You want to make more use of your data's company. You want to provide trusted AI solutions? Then our tailored cloud codelabs on Friday, March 15 and Saturday March 16 are right for you.

    Topics are Cloud, Container, Kubernetes, Security and Artificial Intelligence. We start at 8.30am with a breakfast on Friday and workshops about 'Bringing trust and transparency in AI’ and development 'Using Kubernetes and Knative to deploy & secure containerized applications' supported by IBM and continue in the cloud track on the next day with talks in the morning and a workshop on 'Cloud Deployments with Azure Kubernetes Service' on Saturday afternoon. Catering is provided. Please sign up and secure your spot!

    Kubernetes/AI (Fri) AKN (Sat)
About Image
About Image
  • FOSSASIA Exhibition
    Tech Companies & Projects from Thu March 14 - Sun March 17

    Meet tech companies like JP Morgan, Daimler/Mercedes, and Microsoft at the exhibition. Discuss career opportunities and learn about the latest tech ideas from core developers of projects like VLC, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD and many more.

    Exhibition Schedule: Opening on Thursday, March 14 at 12.30pm with lunch snacks, starting at 10am (Fri/Sat/Sun) and closing on Thursday/Friday/Saturday at 6pm, and on Sunday until 4pm. Hall passes available.

    Hall Pass Book Booth

FOSSASIA Academy with BuildingBloCS Code Labs Workshops and International Speakers

BuildingBloCS and FOSSASIA are excited to announce free technology workshops for the community taking place at the FOSSASIA Summit 2019 evenings on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16 as well as Saturday morning. Workshops include Introduction to Python, VueJS, Databases, Machine Learning with Python and Creating Skills with SUSI.AI.

Please sign up through the form to reserve your slot in the workshops itself.

Sign up here Workshops Schedule
FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit
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Want to talk to participants of the FOSSASIA Hackathon? Get in touch on the chat channel.

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A little more about the FOSSASIA Summit

The FOSSASIA Summit is the premier Free and Open Source technology event in Asia for developers, start-ups, and contributors. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA was established in 2009. Previous events took place in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, China and India.

FOSSASIA OpenTechNights

In the FOSSASIA OpenTechNights program we are inviting Free and Open Source (FOSS) contributors to FOSSASIA projects to apply for a free stay in a Singapore hostel and a free ticket to the event. All you have to do is convince us, that you are an awesome contributor in the FOSSASIA community.

Apply Here
FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit
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  • Codeheat Award

    In the Heat of the Code is a coding contest for FOSSASIA projects. The contest runs annually for 6 months from September to February. Grand prize winners are invited to present their work at the FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit in Singapore and get travel funding to attend.

    The jury chooses the three winners from the top 10 contributors according to code quality and relevance of commits for the project. The jury also takes other contributions like submitted scrum reports and technical blog posts into account, but of course awesome code is the most important item on the list. Other participants have the chance to win Tshirts, Swag and vouchers to attend Open Tech events in the region and get certificates of participation.

    Join Here


Hong Phuc Dang


Mario Behling


Harish Pillay

Internet Society

Roland Turner


Justin Lee

Open Source Community Leader

DENG Zhi Wei (Kiwi)

Hardware Lead FOSSASIA

Daniel Blueman


Nayana Adassuriya


Marco A. Gutierrez


Lorenz Gerber


Noah Chen


Gi Soong Chee

Dunman High School

Thorsten Neumann

Founder & CTO, SmartPesa

Victoria Purynova

Seoul Tech Society

Eden Jade

Program and Event Manager

Philip Paeps

The FreeBSD Foundation
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Join us at the FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit
 in March 2019 in Singapore!

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Lifelong Learning Institute Singapore is the event location for the FOSSASIA Summit. Address: 11 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408601 (Paya Lebar MRT)